Tuesday, December 11, 2012

new website!

i have moved my blog to this new website!


thanks for joining me on this journey!

Monday, July 23, 2012


    "the harvest is PLENTIFUL 
               but the workers are few..."  Luke 10:2

plentiful: existing in or yielding great quantities; abundant

yep. we experienced this plentiful harvest last month when the team from norman community came to visit.  they came for a just one short week.  they hit the ground running full force into the harvest fields of the wetlands, the poorest part of masi that is often neglected by workers.  and the harvest abounded.  the Lord was SO gracious.  as we went out in small teams everyday the Lord led us to hungry people. people starving to know hope and love and purpose and healing and provision and freedom.  and we had all that and more to give.  we gave them Jesus.  so many received him with joy!  many were healed.  even more got jobs.  hearts were touched and lives were changed.  all in one short week!  even now the new local believers who went around with the team as translators are following up with the people who responded to Jesus during that week.  i got to go with a girl i have been discipling to meet with a house full of women the team met who all gave their lives to begin following Jesus.  they have met the Living God and are laying down everything to receive him.  it is powerful to sit with a room full of women who are eating up as fast as they can the word of God, the Bread that satisfies.  they have been touched by the Lover of their souls and are beginning the sweet journey of following in his ways.  Glorious.

what  JOY to be a part of this harvest.  it is plentiful everywhere.  not just in africa.  are you running into the harvest fields?

the harvest is ready and waiting, so...GO!  

its always worth it.  because the Lamb is SO worthy.

Friday, May 18, 2012


sneak peak into best friend time :)



we are His daughters...the apples of His eye...His favorites :)

last night we crammed into vovo's shack with the women's house church to share a meal and our hearts together.  it was wonderful.  i feel so honored to share life with these vibrant, fiery, strong, beautiful african women.  i love girl time.  i absolutely love it.  there is nothing like getting a room of women together, dishing girly stories (like "sooo how did you two meet?"), laughing and laughing, sharing our hearts, connecting deeply...i thrive in these moments!  last night was glorious.  listening to each woman share her story of grace & redemption found in Jesus.  the spontaneous songs that arose out of genuine gratitude that could not be contained.  witnessing an older mama speaking life over the youngest of the group, a 20 year old who has been on her own since age 16.  hearing this mama, the girl's neighbor, tell her how proud she was of her and the choices she has made, speaking truth and destiny over her life as tears rolled down their cheeks.  FAMILY.  i love the Kingdom of God.  i love His family.  i love that this girl is not alone, but a daughter in this glorious family.  

and how amazing that my best friend since the age of 6 could be there last night.  my worlds intersecting.  what a dream :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

do you know my name?

i am a woman of many names.  i don't know if its my love for language or how deeply i love other cultures, but every nation have lived in i have been given a name by a local friend...and they just seem to stick.  these names become a part of me.  so its funny to me that so many people in my life don't know my other names.  so its about time that you do!

if you come to masi with me you won't ever hear anyone calling me "whitney."  you will hear:
nontsikelelo (or ntsiki for short).  it means blessing.

and if you come with me to chinotimba, zimbabwe you will hear:
chipo.  it means talent or gift.

i have always loved names and name meanings.  i could spend hours on babynames.com...and i have.  i love my many names!

i am in love with a ganster.

well several gansters actually.

let me just tell you this. Jesus LOVES gansters. i know this for a fact. he is not intimidated by the fact that they are addicted to drugs and steal from people everyday. he is not overwhelmed by the knives they carry or the fact that they use them...often. they are his sons. the ones he created in their mothers’ wombs. his heart aches for them to come and receive their place in his house...sons dearly loved.

something is happening amongst the gansters in masi. they are coming one by one, being transformed by the love of their Papa God. in each of the different spheres of the gangs, He is lifting out his sons, binding their wounded hearts, freeing them from their chains and igniting their hearts to help their ganster friends to find the same.

*sipho is one of these gansters. oh how my heart is bursting with love for this boy.

sipho is 18 years old. after being abandoned by his mother as a baby, he was raised in a home where he was not wanted or cared for, with alcoholism and verbal abuse as his norm. because of this, he was driven to life on the streets. he joined a group of gansters, and began doing drugs and stealing to support his habits. he dropped out of school and spent all of his time with these gansters. to the world, this boy was without hope and a future. but God had more in store for him. after getting into a knife fight with his aunt’s boyfriend, sipho was taken in by his neighbor. this man is a Jesus follower with a heart to reach his community for God’s kingdom, especially the gansters. under his loving care, sipho has met Jesus. he has completely left drugs and life on the streets, and he is now back in high school. sipho wants to tell anyone who will listen about how Jesus has changed his life. he has lived his life longing to be loved, seen, cared for. he searched for it in drugs & gang life, but was left empty and hard of heart. Papa knew. he knew his son. he has reached down and pulled him out because he delights in him. his son is home safe & sound. and we are all rejoicing!

*mandla is the other ganster that has stolen my heart. i love this child.

i have shared his story before. but i just can’t get enough of this boy. his hard little heart is thirsty for love. all he has known has been the harsh realities of this world; rejection, death, neglect, fear, pain. an unstable home life & the murder of his brother drove him to life on the streets. the world says he is destined for destruction. but Papa says he is destined for the abundance of his house; receiving the full rights of sonship. and He is doing it. He is drawing mandla. its not an easy road. but God is not afraid of the process. he is not discouraged by setbacks. his promises will prevail. (and he is teaching me this over and over.) i have seen that a little love goes a long way. walls of hostility crumble under these words: “i believe in you.” with every kind word, every minute spent getting to know him, every effort to help him...his heart is melting and the strongholds are weakening. i got a note from him the other day that said, “I love you nontsikelelo. you are the best.” yep. he has stolen my heart. this sweet child. Papa’s treasured one.

God loves gansters. for sure.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

tuesday photo drop?

its been a while...i want to write a blog post right now telling of the REALLY fun stories from my last few weeks, but my sleepy eyes just won't stay open and my head is cloudy (which always happens past 10 pm). so hear are some pics so long (south african phrase meaning: in the meantime).

enjoy :)

preach it brotha.

i can NOT get enough of this sweet face. but don't let the angel face fool you...she is a fire ball.

JOY. i love these boys.

the two newest members on our VC team...vovo and lily! :)

sleeping beauty.